The Smilin' Seven

A Retrospect

THE Sun bereft o' reason, rhyme
Was shining day and night;
He dar'd not jib at overtime
Because of Empires might
Whose sway to every land and clime
God fear'd to trust sans light!

Traders' Tory, vendor's Whig
Did confer tete-a-tete;
They wept to sea a Brownland big
Oozing off to sweat,
The human rights of freedom twig
From rebels brown and jet!

" 'Tis naughty of the natives brown"
A belted Tory said;
"To buy at word of failing clown
Sheer self-made muck instead
Of goods and cloth Brummagew grown,
To dump on heathen head!"

"Just so", a whilom Whig agreed;
" 'Tis time something we did,
In spirit of our Xian creed,
The colour'd man to rid
Of dreams above 'is skin and breed!
'Tis time we put the lid.

"On bombing taboo, seething Sikh
Salaaming Southerner too
With generous use of jail and stick
And taught each to eschew
The tenets o' a fasting freak
Taboo to men of hue!

"With John bulldog truly set on
His motley, measly band,
Their joss the living skeleton
Will burst his noddle, and
Your beef and beer you may bet on
Our "dough" – nut rising grand!”

"Good egg! Yet 'tis not. dontcherknow.
The tin end of the wedge!;
They would not buy our goods, oh no!,
With "lathied" teech on edge !
The nag you thrash to H2O
Well, would he sign the pledge?:

"If Seven men of simple look
And manner meek and mild
Did scour each squalid native nook
And kissed each 'depressed' child,
Right in, the fatheads will be "took"
And back to trade beguiled?!"

"A canny thocht, ah maun declair!,
"Yet, weel, ah hae mah doots!
Their premier spake ruffling his hair
His eyes were on his boots;
"Sae till you Seven are back frae there
Just hawd your blether and shoots!"

The chosen sev’n they steamed the main
And Brownland's shore did reach:
With blue eyes belching briny rain
But winking each to each;
The Septette croon'd this soft refrain,
Ere they had spann'd the beach ;

"O Brothers, in our ALMIGHTY!,
Though baked brown and black,
We come from far off Belighty,
To con whatever you lack!"
But Brownland's starv'd humanity
Yell'd (!), "Gorah sabbs, go back!"

All unabash'd the Smiling Sev'n
Did only smile the more!
With eyes aloft invoking Heav'n
In plaintive tones they swore;
"Our hearts intend no lure nor leav'n!
Your distrust we deplore!

"O loved brothers sun-kiss'd brown,
Come for a pleasant walk!
Your sacred land we would be shown,
Each temple, tree and stalk!
And all ye year for, make them known
To us in pleasant talk!"

The cutest Brown!...he heav'd a sigh,
But ne'er a word he said;
With sweetest smile he wink'd his eye
And shook his shaven head,
Meaning, mayhap, he felt too shy
To leave his spinning shed!

But white sheep darken blackest flock
And hens hatch quacking, chicks;
With burrowed plume of blue peacock
Daws and to Natures freaks;
And Brownland too much in human stack
Bred boobs whose brains were nix!

Inferiority complex
That soul debasing pest
Which bends a people's proudest necks
To alien behest
Had fashioned spine-broke human Wrecks
Of Brownland's very best.

When Greed a demon, 'gin or elf
Obsesses human soul,
'Tis sense of pleasure of pow'r or pelf
Distorts a human goal;
And he, confusing sense for self
Doth fork out Satan's toll.

In loss of manhood, honour, truth.
Love of land o' birth,
And Brownland's sons, blind in sooth,
To their own blood and worth,
Betrayed their land, both man and youth
The greatest land on earth.

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