Poems and Plays

The Dramatist
Eternal Cain
Truth Naked
The Lake
The Sixth Columnist 1943
A Monologue
The Recipe
The Smilin' Seven
The Artist
Commiseration (Karna)

The Purpose
The Burden
The Brahmin's Curse


Krishna said...

Thank you for the Poems, you have done a great job.

Sreekanth said...

Hi Hari

I am so happy to see Kai's English works online. Many people don't even know that our Kai has written in English as well.

I really want to contribute the English plays as well. Let me know how I can do that.

gradstudent said...

Thanks you so much for the amazing work you have done. I am a student from North India struggling to find his translated work. Please post The purpose, if you get hold of that, i would be extremely grateful for you.
Anand Prakash

HRK said...

Thanks Anand. Sreekanth is helping me with the plays and he has already sent me a draft of the Purpose and I hope to have it up very soon.
I am glad that you enjoyed reading this -- however please note that this is his original work in English and not a translation. In fact I would think it's impossible to translate Kailasam's Kannada plays!
Warm regards,

gradstudent said...

Thanks Hari for update on The Purpose.
Actually i am currently revising my novel on Ekalavya. In past,i read essays on T.P. Kailasam's writing (about the purpose and the fulfillment) which intrigued me to read these two plays (i tried hard to find but couldn't) to get better understanding of Kailasam's Ekalavya.
Thanks again for posting his work.

anand prakash

gradstudent said...

Thanks Hari for uploading a part of Purpose. I am eagerly waiting for next installment of the play.

gradstudent said...

Dear Hari,
I hope new year bring fulfill all of your dreams. Thanks for posting Kailasam's writings. I am waiting for the next installment of The Purpose.


HRK said...

Thanks Anand.
I'm getting back to it now (after a hectic tour) and will do it soon!
Happy New Year to you as well.

నాగరాజ్ said...

Its nice blog.
Your work must be appreciated.
Anyways, plz add the remaining part of "purpose" playlet as soon as possible.
Thank you.

నాగరాజ్ said...

Or otherwise send me the scanned papers of that play, I will compose in word format and will send you back. Hence you can update the blog.

HRK said...

Thanks Nagaraj for reminding me. Sreekanth was kind enough to send me the file in word document but I've not had the time to convert to html and upload. I will do that soon.
Warm regards,

Selvi said...

This blog is nice

Abilash K G said...

please is there any possibility to post the kannada drama sole?

Prof H.R.Krishna Prasad. said...

Dear Friends.
I am one of the Dramatist student of National High School in the Year 1960-1963.We were lucky we had Dramatics as One of the Subject.Our Dramatics Teacher Shri B.S.Narayanara the Younger Brother of B.S.Ramarao was teaching us Dramatics.He used to Read Dramas's of T.P.Kailasam Which was fantastic and I am an Addict to His Drama's. I sincerely request my Friends to post as many TP Kailasam Dramas on the web as His Contributions Should not Die for Ever.
Thank You.
Prof H.R.Krishna Prasad
Formerly a Student of National High School

Anonymous said...

Let me have the pleasure of knowing a T.P.Kailasam’s Drama...Details ...Where Exists Only three Characters. One is a Muslim,Shreshti (who speaks Telugu).......and another speaks Kannada.Sri.G.T.Diwakar of Modur is having a copy of the book, and Late Sri Ramaswaroop of CVS & Brother's Madikeri read it, Loudly......!!!. To Get Best Out of the .............Thrill, Enjoyment , Humour.......!!!!!!!..